Easy Import Blender Add-on

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If you ever had to import a lot of assets in blender you know how painful and frustrating it can be. While we wait for drag and drop import you can try this addon.

This is an addon for Blender which allows you to import fbx and obj files by their paths.



  • Importing .fbx and .obj files by having their paths in the clipboard
  • Batch import all .fbx and obj files from a folder by having folder's path in the clipboard

How it Works

First of all you you need to copy file or folder path to clipboard. For the folder you could just copy path from address bar of explorer. To get the file path you can press CTRL+Shift+C(if you are on Windows11 or using Files2)

or if you are using 10 it can be done by this button

or any other methods.

After you have the path in the clipboard go to blender window and press CTRL+Shift+V it will import that file in your blender scene or in the case of a folder path it will import all .fbx and .obj file from that folder

If you have experienced some kind of issues or want some additional settings, features, file format support, then you are welcome to my Discord:


I want this!

An addon to simplify and speed up the import of popular file extesions like FBX and OBJ

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Easy Import Blender Add-on

123 ratings
I want this!